Google Pixel 4a And It’s Specifications

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Get ready to know about a new Google pixel 4a and it’s specifications. Google is the top search engine across the world for over a decade. As of 2020, it’s assets of over $131,133,000,000 and it employs over 114,096 of manpower. Without a doubt, it is one of the mega-company […]

Earn Free Bitcoin

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Do you know you can earn free bitcoin? Yes, now everyone can get bitcoin without charges. There are multiple method through which you’ll be able to earn bitcoins free. So, let’s discuss a number of them here. 1) Earn Free Bitcoin While Shopping Online: If you are doing shopping online, […]

Facebook Allows users to switch off political Ads

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Did you know Facebook allows users to switch off political Ads? Can you switch off the unnecessary political ad on Facebook? Indeed, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has announced a range of measures to the social media platform. Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, which includes the option to […]

TikTok And Dozen of Chinese Apps Ban In India


Do you know TikTok And Dozen of Chinese Apps Ban In India? India and China border dispute have taken lives to twenty Indian soldiers at Ladakh. Because of their devastating border fights, the news of it is hitting headlines of every news channel as of now. India and China have […]

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

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Here you will find Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video. Let us be honest, online TV streaming has been a part of our lives since the last decade. Of the hundreds of on-demand streaming services on the internet, two stand out: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In today’s time, Netflix is […]

How To Create Facebook Messenger Rooms?

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Are you wondering how to create Facebook messenger rooms? Facebook’s products and services have always been about connecting people. Over the years, Facebook has helped us to feel present with our friends, & family, when they aren’t in the same area. These days, video calls/conferences help us bridge the distance. […]

How To Password Protect A Folder In Windows 10?


How To Password Protect A Folder In Windows 10? Most searched Query on the internet. These days, most of our information is digital – from our banking data, financial documents to pictures, and everything in-between. Amongst these computer files, we have some confidential information that we wouldn’t want to share […]

Best Password Manager Of 2020

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Managing a password sometimes is tough work so we have brought you the Best Password Manager Of 2020. A password like one’s birthday and ‘123456’ are amongst the commonly used passwords on the internet. Even though it is easier to memorize, it is also equally easy to hack or guess. […]

Homeschool Hub By National Geographic

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Homeschool Hub By National Geographic, National Geographic launched a new online hub called NatGeo@Home to meet the demand that the Coronavirus outbreak has brought by shutting down schools and colleges across the world, affecting over billion of students. It is an online learning and educational hub that gives easy access […]

Things you can do ‘Online’ during Self-Isolation


Here we have brought the things you can do online during self-isolation to remove your boredom. Self-isolation becomes very hard when you have nothing to do. As schools are closed, sporting events are postponed, supermarkets are shut down and concerts are rescheduled, specialists recommend self-quarantine during this global pandemic. It’s […]

Features Of Android 10


We are here to share the features of Android 10. Undoubtedly, Android has been one of the fastest-growing operating systems and new features of android are updated rapidly. With support from Google and better apps, the OS has leveled up with the IOS system by Apple inc. Android was first […]

Tips To Go On Classic Creator Studio On YouTube.


Do you miss the old classic creator studio on YouTube? Well, we are here to give you some tricks to go to the old classic creator studio on YouTube. As we are familiar with the classic creator studio it is now a little difficult with a new YouTube studio. Indeed, […]

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