What is Google Nest?

Pranish Rai 336

Google is an information search engine. It has been the top search engine worldwide for over a decade. Not only a search engine platform but Google LLC has also formed a brand named Google Nest. Well, Google Nest is a market smark home products that include smart speakers, smart displays, […]

Features Of Android 10


We are here to share the features of Android 10. Undoubtedly, Android has been one of the fastest-growing operating systems and new features of android are updated rapidly. With support from Google and better apps, the OS has leveled up with the IOS system by Apple inc. Android was first […]

The Best Smart Speakers Of 2020


Smart speakers are super-trendy and amongst the versatile gadgets right now for this, we have brought you the best smart speakers of 2020. They can play music, set up our smart home devices and virtual assistant. These voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, have quickly become very popular […]

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