Best Wireless Earbuds 2020 to Buy in Nepal

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Wireless Earbuds is the new increasing choice of people due to which we have brought Best Wireless Earbuds of 2020. The technology has changed with time. People are moving towards wireless earbuds and the market is booming rapidly in recent years. Thanks to advancement in wireless comfortable fit and improvements […]

Hackers And Scammers Exploiting COVID-19 Panic

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Scammers exploiting COVID-19 Panic is the trending topic. While, The COVID-19 caused a global pandemic, spreading widely, hackers and scammers are exploiting COVID-19 Panic. Unfortunately, cyber scammers and hackers are taking advantage of the ongoing pandemic by spending faux WhatsApp messages and fake emails. Most of these digital threats are […]

The Best Smart Speakers Of 2020


Smart speakers are super-trendy and amongst the versatile gadgets right now for this, we have brought you the best smart speakers of 2020. They can play music, set up our smart home devices and virtual assistant. These voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, have quickly become very popular […]

Top 15 Most Used Android Apps In USA


Take a look at the top 15 most used Android Apps In the USA. You’ll find hundreds of apps in all! However, to save your time, we have gathered the most used android apps in USA There is no denying that smartphones are just amazing. It’s beyond the limit to […]

What is Digital Twin Technology?


As the manufacturing industry is becoming digital, digital twin technology is now accessible. Thus by giving companies a complete digital impression of products, it allows them to identify physical error quicker and develop better products. With this type of advance design, companies benefit repetitively and grow faster than ever before. […]

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 review


Here we are going to review Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. Polaroid cameras are unique cameras that bring back a lot of memories. Instead of having the pictures developed at the studio, these cameras were best known for their instant photo development feature. It was easy to take snapshots and print […]

How To Use Mail App In Windows 10?


Among the various features of Windows 10, the mail app is an essential feature to control multiple email accounts. It is a direct connection from the user to load his/ her personal email accounts without having to check on the browser. It includes some of the basic features that can […]

What Is ZOOM? Why And How To Use It?


Zoom is the trendsetter in modern video communication enterprise, with a familiar cloud platform for chats, audio, and video conferencing across mobile and desktops. Users can easily swift from chat to a call and later switch that to personal video calls. Indeed, it is mostly used by companies, schools or […]

Best Home Security Devices for 2020

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Home Security is very important and here we share some best home security devices for 2020. We have been hearing the news of break-ins and home burglaries. It’s upsetting and, in some cases, completely unavoidable. However, it seems like our home security system is changing. Now we can hook up […]

Some Tips And Tricks on iPhone

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IPhone is one of the most wanted phones and we are going to share some tips and tricks on iPhone. One of the most staple smartphone devices produced by Apple inc. is the iPhone. It is among the highly designed and marketed mobile all over the world. Its unique features […]

Virtual Learning Platform

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A Virtual learning platform in an educational system is an internet-based environment, normally within educational institutions.  It is the medium in the World Wide Web (WWE) in which teachers and students are for a curriculum that leads to learning. It focuses on virtual resources room that provides desired courses to […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


With its amazing features, performance and camera in the previous Samsung S20 models, Samsung has created yet another stupendous model which is the Galaxy S20 Ultra with 5G. The new phone presents a wide range of qualities for the people who seek the “perfect” smartphone. The name itself specifies it […]

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