Virtual Learning Platform

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A Virtual learning platform in an educational system is an internet-based environment, normally within educational institutions.  It is the medium in the World Wide Web (WWE) in which teachers and students are for a curriculum that leads to learning. It focuses on virtual resources room that provides desired courses to […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


With its amazing features, performance and camera in the previous Samsung S20 models, Samsung has created yet another stupendous model which is the Galaxy S20 Ultra with 5G. The new phone presents a wide range of qualities for the people who seek the “perfect” smartphone. The name itself specifies it […]

How to use Netflix?


With more than 1000 of its movies and TV series, Netflix is an online streaming service that includes services on the internet through a variety of devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops, TVs, tablets, set-up boxes, and gaming consoles. They are by far one of the popular platforms on the […]

Positive Impacts of COVID-19 on Tech Sector


COVID-19 have impacted a lot of sector though there are some positive impacts of COVID-19 on tech sector. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first discovered in the Wuhan region of China in December 2019. Since it’s an outbreak, it has become a global health emergency, impacting at least 177 countries and […]

Cyber Security Threats in 2020

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Cyber security threat is referred to when there is certain damage or an attack on computer data; via computer viruses, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. These kinds of damages attempt to rob any distinctive data by changing, hacking or even prone to destroy computer systems. Although this may seem like […]

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