5G – Multipurpose Mobile Network


There has been a lot of hype and curiosity in market regarding 5G technology and how it will affect the way we communicate. In simple terms, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology. This technology will be capable of providing a much higher speed and reliability in communication on […]

What Is Artificial Intelligence And Why It Is Used?

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AI [ Artificial Intelligence] is one of the drastic attainment in information technology. It can, simply, be defined as an intelligence shown by machines, contrary to the natural intellect displayed by humans. Artificial Intelligence has the high prospect of changing the method in which humans interact, not only with the […]

St. Noire: AI Enabled Board Game For Mystery Lovers


Bored of playing same old mobile games? Want to play something that triggers your brain into thinking or brings out the James Bond in you? Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and Zai Ortiz, Hollywood Creative Director, has partnered to give you the ultimate fun filled murder mystery board game experience. […]

Blockchain Technology: What it is all about?


Blockchain, one of the hottest topic in the industry, has been able to create a hype as well as discussion point since more than a decade. Yet, it still remains a topic that most people are not clear about. This article is totally dedicated to answering the queries of common […]

Apple iPad Pro 11 inches 2018 [Review]

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Apple Inc. made an announcement for the release of iPad Pro 2018, a new generation of ipad, this year in October 2018. Some noticeable changes has been introduced in their designs and internal specifications, giving users an optimum work experience. The screen size is replaced with 11 inches and 12.9 […]

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