Apps that Girls need to have in their phone


These days, technology, mobile phones Internet are being most important in every person life. Through these it has become easy to learn things, get information and communicate with peoples. As we know mobile phones are used by every teenager, young and elder people and all are equally fond of it. […]

Countries with Most Expensive Internet Prices


The Internet is the world’s largest computer network. It has a wide range of applications including e-mail, online chat, file transfers, World Wide Web documents, and many more. Therefore, it can be considered as one of our fast-growing and most advanced inventions. Overall, the number of internet users has grown […]

Top 3 web browsers of 2019


Web browser is, basically, a software used to view different web pages and websites. Web browsers also provide HTML used on websites. Different browsers use different service engines, as a result, a website that works fine on one browser might not work well in another. Therefore, it is a no-brainer […]

Websites (Top 10) of the World

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Numerous websites have come into existence, in the growing technology world, for providing users with different beneficial services. But, only few of them has been able to gain users attention. This article is all about those few websites and some facts about them. #1 Google Google.com is one of the […]

Top 4 Best Gadgets you need to have in 2020


Today we utilize different electronic devices in our day to day life. Gadgets make life simpler, and having the best devices in life causes you to stretch out beyond your friends. Continuously on the hunt for the recent gadgets, and innovation isn’t in every case simple. Lucky for us, staying […]

How to unblock a Domain on Facebook?


My Domain was blocked by facebook. First I’ve tried Short Links (bitly etc). But Soon Facebook recognised that. Then I’ve tried redirect method but that also not worked for long time. So, I decided to buy a service but they are charging $10. I was ready to pay but before […]

Taboola Outbrain Merger – Competition with Facebook


Two popular advertising platforms, Taboola and Outbrain merged with each on October 3, 2019. Both of these companies are founded by Israelis and based on New York. After merger, they will run under Taboola brand and the new company will be valued at $2 billion. After this merger, Taboola is […]

Data Warehouse vs Data Mining. What are these ?


Objective Of A Data Warehouse Collect Data-Scrub, Integrate & Make It Accessible  Provide Information – For Our Businesses  Start Managing Knowledge  So Our Business Partners Will Gain Wisdom! Data Warehouse Definition A Data Warehouse is a  Structured Repository of Historic Data. It is Developed in an Evolutionary Process  by integrating […]

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