How to get the iPad OS 14 beta on your iPad?

Apple Inc. has recently announced iPad OS 14 (latest operating system update) to come to its iPad tablets owners at WWDC 2020. Although it is not officially out until the end of this year, Apple has released public beta testing of the new iOS on 9 July 2020. The beta […]

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Sheets?

Priyanka Subedi

Do you want to know how to enable dark mode on google sheets? Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to use night mode browsing? If so, don’t worry! This article covers how to enable dark mode on Google Sheets. If you are a regular user of Google Sheets for […]

How To Use Chromecast For PC (Full Guide)

Priyanka Subedi

Do you know how to use Chromecast for PC? This article shows you how to mirror your PC to smart TV using Chromecast. Broadcasting content from your computer to Google Chromecast is an easy process that needs only the press of a single switch. To view content from online streaming […]

Method For Removing Virus in Google Chrome

Do you know the method for removing virus in Google Chrome? Our world is moving fast towards digitalization and development. Not to mention, Network and Technology are developing rapidly. As they are developing, many challenges and malware started popping up. Various kinds of new viruses started becoming a threat to […]

Facebook Allows users to switch off political Ads

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Did you know Facebook allows users to switch off political Ads? Can you switch off the unnecessary political ad on Facebook? Indeed, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has announced a range of measures to the social media platform. Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, which includes the option to […]

How To Make Money on Pinterest?

Priyanka Subedi

Do you know how to make money on Pinterest? Do you know you can make hefty cash on Pinterest? You’re already searching for how to make money on Pinterest or ways to monetize with Pinterest, weren’t you? Either way, we don’t blame you for being skeptical! With more than 250 […]

Step By Step Guide To Get Verified On Instagram

Priyanka Subedi

Here you will find Step By Step Guide To Get Verified On Instagram. Have you ever have noticed those blue checkmarks that pop-up next to certain Instagram handle and wonder what they are? It’s a verification mark for famous people, celebrities, brands, successful entrepreneurs, social media stars, etc. It looks […]

How To Create Facebook Messenger Rooms?

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Are you wondering how to create Facebook messenger rooms? Facebook’s products and services have always been about connecting people. Over the years, Facebook has helped us to feel present with our friends, & family, when they aren’t in the same area. These days, video calls/conferences help us bridge the distance. […]

How To Password Protect A Folder In Windows 10?


How To Password Protect A Folder In Windows 10? Most searched Query on the internet. These days, most of our information is digital – from our banking data, financial documents to pictures, and everything in-between. Amongst these computer files, we have some confidential information that we wouldn’t want to share […]

Tips To Go On Classic Creator Studio On YouTube.


Do you miss the old classic creator studio on YouTube? Well, we are here to give you some tricks to go to the old classic creator studio on YouTube. As we are familiar with the classic creator studio it is now a little difficult with a new YouTube studio. Indeed, […]

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