Safe Online for Children


Are you in a dilemma about how to make sure that your children are surfing Safe Online or not? Most of the children nowadays are highly drawn towards digital technology. There are numerous ways that children can stay connected with the computer and the internet. With numerous options like YouTube, […]

How To Play YouTube In The Background Using VLC?


Thinking about How To Play YouTube In The Background Using VLC. Well, YouTube is one of the highest streaming platforms and the most used app since the last decade. It is the top-grossing internet-based channel that allows you to watch any videos where and whenever you want. After Google, it […]

How To View Hidden Files In Windows 10?

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By defaults, you can hide some important folders and files in all newest versions of Microsoft Windows. Also, you can hide them by simply turning on the hidden attribute. The reason why some files are automatically hidden is that those files should not be deleting, changing or moving around. Unlike […]

How To Use Mail App In Windows 10?


Among the various features of Windows 10, the mail app is an essential feature to control multiple email accounts. It is a direct connection from the user to load his/ her personal email accounts without having to check on the browser. It includes some of the basic features that can […]

What Is ZOOM? Why And How To Use It?


Zoom is the trendsetter in modern video communication enterprise, with a familiar cloud platform for chats, audio, and video conferencing across mobile and desktops. Users can easily swift from chat to a call and later switch that to personal video calls. Indeed, it is mostly used by companies, schools or […]

How to use Netflix?


With more than 1000 of its movies and TV series, Netflix is an online streaming service that includes services on the internet through a variety of devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops, TVs, tablets, set-up boxes, and gaming consoles. They are by far one of the popular platforms on the […]

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