Things you can do ‘Online’ during Self-Isolation


Here we have brought the things you can do online during self-isolation to remove your boredom. Self-isolation becomes very hard when you have nothing to do. As schools are closed, sporting events are postponed, supermarkets are shut down and concerts are rescheduled, specialists recommend self-quarantine during this global pandemic. It’s […]

Safe Online for Children


Are you in a dilemma about how to make sure that your children are surfing Safe Online or not? Most of the children nowadays are highly drawn towards digital technology. There are numerous ways that children can stay connected with the computer and the internet. With numerous options like YouTube, […]

Best Home Security Devices for 2020

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Home Security is very important and here we share some best home security devices for 2020. We have been hearing the news of break-ins and home burglaries. It’s upsetting and, in some cases, completely unavoidable. However, it seems like our home security system is changing. Now we can hook up […]

Virtual Learning Platform

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A Virtual learning platform in an educational system is an internet-based environment, normally within educational institutions.  It is the medium in the World Wide Web (WWE) in which teachers and students are for a curriculum that leads to learning. It focuses on virtual resources room that provides desired courses to […]

Cyber Security Threats in 2020

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Cyber security threat is referred to when there is certain damage or an attack on computer data; via computer viruses, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. These kinds of damages attempt to rob any distinctive data by changing, hacking or even prone to destroy computer systems. Although this may seem like […]

Astounding Web Design Trends in 2020


Living in a digital era, we all know the importance of impactful digital presence. Be it just for personal interest or for gaining business revenue through digital medium, websites have become an essential medium for showcasing oneself to the world. Therefore, the web design is of utmost importance to keep […]

What is a Twitter card?


Twitter is a social networking site on which users interact with messages called ‘’tweets’’. The length of these tweets, however, are restricted to 140 characters. It is a protocol that enables you to connect rich photographs, recordings, etc. to tweets, so as to direct people to your site. Twitter has […]

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