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7 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC

7 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC

7 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC

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Here is the 7 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC if you are wondering about free photo editing software. In this social media-driven generation, almost everyone needs a ‘photo editor’ at some point, whatever the need may be. Software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is worldwide popular for its use in both computers and mobile. However, this photo editing software comes with a price. Also, these programs are difficult to use and can be mastered only with formal training.

Besides, if you’re looking for free photo editing software for your PC that can easily edit your photos, then you are in the right place. Here’re some best free photo editing software that is easy-to-use and user.

7 Best Free Photo Editing Software for PC


GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the best alternative available for editing pictures that are free to use. It’s an open-source editing software that is available universally. Similar to Photoshop, it comes with a variety of tools, filters, and photographic effects. GIMP photo editing toolkit features standard brushes, curves, layers, levels, face-swap, brushes, and animated GIFs. The software is well improved and updates frequently. Different plug-ins can be added to it and the interface can also be personalized.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a simple photo editing software available for both online and offline use. Available as a free program for PC users, you can download Pixlr X from its official site. It is indeed a great photo editor that offers easy installation and a good range of editing tools. The Pixlr X for PC gives you access to apply overlays, effects, creatives fixes, and other editing options quickly.

Paint. NET

Don’t mistake Paint.NET for Microsoft Paint! Nonetheless, Paint.NET is an innovative and perfect image editing software available on the Windows platform. The software offers a simple and clean user interface. Interestingly, Paint.NET runs smoothly on low-end computers and laptops. It offers a variety of similar editing tools with unlimited undo’s. It supports plug-ins that can be used for advanced purposes like 3D zoom/rotate for image rearrangement.


One brilliant photo editing software that constantly ranks high among Windows users is Fotor. It’s a unique and “all-in-one” image editor that is simple yet very effective. Everybody likes it because it’s absolutely free. The editor consists of a pile of high-end filters and basic tools. Furthermore, it also contains other features like teeth whitening and wrinkle remover. There are also a variety of frames, texts, effects, and stickers mainly for the use of social media.


Canva is a free web-based editor recommended mainly by designers. There are 8000+ templates in Canva; all of which are easy to customize for printing, postcards, invitations, and content to post on social media. With numerous in-built fonts, text editing in Canva is among the best.

Photos Pos Pro

For beginners who look for post-processing skills, this software includes two interfaces: Novice and Expert Layout. 

The Novice interface includes automatic edits for rapid results. The editing tool in novice includes image enhancements like filters and creative effects.

The Expert Layout includes a wide range of tools for manual editing. Most of its toolkit is like other premium software. It also includes actions, textures, and RAW conversion of an image. Photos Pos Pro can edit images in a stack for post-processing.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express is an online free version of Photoshop. Unlike the paid version of Photoshop, this is high-quality software edit images faster. It offers access from basic editing to contrast changing, saturation, exposure, spot removal, and image perspective. It also has a decorate category that allows adding texts in images with different customizable collages.

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