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Norm Glasses: Fashionable AR glasses for Everyday Use

Norm Glasses

Norm Glasses

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Are you fond of wearable technology and, also, are equally attentive to your looks? Norm Glasses is, definitely, a gadget for you. Built with embedded Augmented Reality (AR) technology and designed for giving dashing looks, Norm glasses is a perfect blend of everything that users could ever ask for.

Augmented Reality (AR) can be regarded as one of the major technological innovation. It has changed the way of living of people around the world. From easing medical practices to giving top notch practical education, AR is now used in almost every industry.  

Few years back, google glasses had taken over the market with a bang. Users went crazy for the wearable which would give them hands-free experience of camera & apps in front of their eyes. Over the years, many more products like google glasses has been developed and released with better features. However, one aspect remained same in all the products. Those wearable were designed from the point of view of technological advancement. Norm glasses, here, provides a fresh piece of work to the customers. Designed with stylish looks and embedded with advanced AR technology, norm glasses has wowed the world in the very first exhibition.

Norm Glasses Specifications

This AR glass has whole lot of features embedded in small piece of frame designed with style. Weighing 30-35g, the glass has been able to set a record of being the lightest AR glass till date.

Embedded with minicomputer running on Android OS, this tech gadget is activated with voice and has open-ear sound and head up display (HUD). Apart from this, one can make phone calls, manage apps such as email and messaging, capture video, listen to music, and many more with this device.

On the whole, what makes this gadget really unique is that it can be folded like normal sunglasses. And, also, it supports different types of lenses.

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