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Quibi: The New Mobile-Focused Short Video Streaming Platform



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We live in fast-paced world where everyone’s in a rush with almost everything. Considering this scenaro, Quibi came up with a new approach of providing on the go service to people. Derived from the words “Quick Bites”, Quibi is a new streaming platform which provides mobile-focused short videos to the users. Founded in August 2018 by two eminent personalities, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, the platform provides short 10-minute episodes.

Nowadays, major companies such as Amazon Prime, etc. are struggling to become world leaders in TV streaming world. Quibi, on the other hand, is challenging these sharks by aiming to provide a distinguished mobile–focused contents. Quibi recently gave their first preview and listed itself for download in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, in a pre-order basis.

Additionally, what makes it unique is it’s revenue model. The model derives its earnings from both subscriptions and ads, rather than holding right on its content. Scheduled for release in April 2020 in US, it will be available for download at a rate of $5 with ads and $8 without ads.

Focused on younger generation, who want everything on the go, it is designed to serve as companion while on wait. It divides the full length videos into multiple bite-sized videos, making it less hectic and easy watch for the users. Also, having the download feature makes it even more user friendly and favorite, as one no longer has to wait or be in an active internet connection network.

This new startup has definitely gained popularity among the target users, even before its release! Now, we only wait to see if it delivers what it promises. So, mark your calendar for April 2020 people!

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