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St. Noire: AI Enabled Board Game For Mystery Lovers

St. Noire Board Game

St. Noire Board Game

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Bored of playing same old mobile games? Want to play something that triggers your brain into thinking or brings out the James Bond in you? Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and Zai Ortiz, Hollywood Creative Director, has partnered to give you the ultimate fun filled murder mystery board game experience. St. Noire, the product of these two great minds, is now here to redefine the gaming experience. This game is one of its kind, which have merged both the traditional board game approach and modern interactive technology such as Alexa to give users complete voice command control over the game.

St. Noire uses Alexa, as a main technology, to communicate with players for building up mystery murder scenario. The voice used, however, is not of typical Alexa; rather the game uses voice of 13 different actors for narration making it much more lively and real. Additionally, to ensure no two gameplay gets into the same track, the developers have randomized the game. Therefore, all the players get different experiences in each play, with different outputs/end results.

St. Noire Gameplay

Game begins when players gives board the command “Alexa, open St. Noire” to start the game. Players are then given one clue to start off the game by. Based on the clue, players can start to solve the mystery by questioning their suspect, three questions per day, through Alexa. First one to solve the mystery, i.e.: who killed and with what, by seventh night wins the game.

There’s been a murder in the small town of St. Noire – and the killer has promised to strike again! Can you solve the mystery before time runs out and the killer gets away? Find the clues, question suspects and trust absolutely no-one. Someone is lying, and if you’re going to crack the case, you’ll need to figure out who…your move, Detective.

– St. Noire

One of the main highlights about this game is that it is able to pull the game freaks out of the mobile screens and engage them in physical game. Definitely a big achievement for the creators!

The game is already out in the market to wow the players and holds a price of $40. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one, put on your thinking cap and let the game begin!

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