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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Sheets?

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Sheets

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Sheets

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Do you want to know how to enable dark mode on google sheets? Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to use night mode browsing? If so, don’t worry! This article covers how to enable dark mode on Google Sheets. If you are a regular user of Google Sheets for creating and editing spreadsheets online and need a dark theme, then this article will certainly help you.

Dark theme or night mode is tending across computers and mobile phones. With an upgraded version of iOS and Android phones, users are now accessible to switch to dark modes in their system. Therefore, a rising number of apps are “going dark”.

Similarly, most Google apps now have a dark theme. Whether you prefer dark mode for medical reasons, to save battery or simply to follow the trend, here’s the guide to enable the “dark mode” on Google Sheets”.

Google Sheets

Unluckily, Google Sheets don’t come with a built-in option to turn on dark mode. This possibly will change in the future but, meanwhile, if you want to enable dark mode, you will be needing a third-party app.

Luckily, such apps exist and are extremely popular and effective. For instance, Dark Reader comes with Filter+ and Filter feature that will surely enable dark mode on Google Sheets. Furthermore, this app makes the actual cells dark as if Google Sheets had an integrated dark theme option.

Guide on How to Empower Dark Mode on Google Sheets

As mentioned above, you’ll need an extension to enable dark modes for Google sheets. For that reason, the dark reader is a free extension and can be integrated with browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. And here’re a few steps you will require to turn on dark mode in Google Sheets;

For a shortcut, you can simply enter ‘Alt+Shift+D’ on your keyboard to turn on/off the Dark mode.

With the Dark Reader being installed, all the websites can fully run Dark mode in the background. If you are looking for other options, there are still a few extensions like Dark Display, Midnight Lizard, Night Eye, and many more. 

Note: – There are no options of Dark mode for the mobile app of Google Sheets until the next update.

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