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How To Use Chromecast For PC (Full Guide)

How To Use Chromecast For PC

How To Use Chromecast For PC

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Do you know how to use Chromecast for PC? This article shows you how to mirror your PC to smart TV using Chromecast. Broadcasting content from your computer to Google Chromecast is an easy process that needs only the press of a single switch. To view content from online streaming services like Netflix on your TV,  you can simply follow these simple instructions.

Before starting, check that your Chromecast is connected to your television and that both your Chromecast and PC are sharing the same Wi-Fi network. Similarly, you will also require a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, PC with Chrome, Google Chromecast device, and connected TV with HDMI port. To use Chromecast on your PC, you must follow the below steps:

Steps To Use Chromecast for PC

Turn on your Smart TV: Once you turn on your TV, connect your Chromecast to HDMI port and its charging cable to the USB dock on TV.

Browse Chrome on your PC: The only browser Chromecast supports is Google Chrome; hence Internet Explorer or Firefox won’t work. It is compatible with the latest version of the Chrome browser. If you don’t have the updated version, then update it directly from the “About Google Chrome” section.

Navigate to the Chromecast setup: Find and click the three-dot icon which is Customize & Control icon on the upper right corner of the chrome screen. It will open the browser menu with several options.

Select cast on the menu: You will find a pop-up box called “Cast” at the upper right corner, and it will scan your Wi-Fi connectivity. This will show your Chromecast name on the search and then click the Sources pull-down option. Below sources, click on the Cast tab and then choose your Chromecast device name.

Select the content you want to watch: As only a few services have a Chromecast app, select one, and browse its website. YouTube is a great place to begin, as it’s entertaining and free.

Choose streaming content: Select whatever you want to listen to or watch, and next click on it.

Click the Broadcast option: You will easily find the broadcast button on the song or video’s control bar. Click on that and pick the Chromecast option. You can next pause, play, and adjust volume from your PC using the device’s control panel.

To conclude

This is how you can use Chromecast for PC in a few simple steps possible. It is easier and more fun to cast your media files with the help of Chromecast. Furthermore, it is the same process for all versions of Chromecast to cast the content from a PC or desktop.

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