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Websites (Top 10) of the World

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Numerous websites have come into existence, in the growing technology world, for providing users with different beneficial services. But, only few of them has been able to gain users attention. This article is all about those few websites and some facts about them.

#1 Google

Google.com is one of the internet’s giant search engine. People usually spent 11:52 minutes in this site. Daily pageviews per visitor is 14.65. Check Google

#2 YouTube

Video Streaming site Youtube with 6.27 pageviews per visitors is in second rank in world according to alexa. People spends 10 minutes and 53 seconds on daily basis in this site.

#3 Tmall

Tmall.com with 6:59 minutes and 2.91 pageviews per visitor is 3rd most popular website of the world. Tmall.com is chinese language website. It’s basically a ecommerce site.

#4 Baidu

One of the largest AI and ITcompany’s search engine baidu.com is 4th popular website in world. 6:34 minutes is average time people spend on this website.

#5 QQ

QQ is instant messaging app. People spend 3:37 minutes in daily basis. This isi 5th in Alexa Global Rank.

#6 Facebook

Most popular social media website facebook.com is in 6th position of most popular websites. People spend more than 18 minutes daily in this website.

#7 Sohu

Sohu is a Chinese Internet company headquartered in the Sohu Internet Plaza in Haidian District, Beijing. It offers advertising, a search engine, on-line multiplayer gaming and other services. It lies in 7th position of this list and has 150 million DAU active users per day.

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