How To Use Chromecast For PC (Full Guide)

Do you know how to use Chromecast for PC? This article shows you how to mirror your PC to smart TV using Chromecast. Broadcasting content from your computer to Google Chromecast is an easy process that needs only the press of a single switch. To view content from online streaming […]

Guard Your Zoom Calls Using A VPN

Did you know you can guard your Zoom calls using a VPN? As the pandemic has been spreading worldwide, Zoom has gone from one of the useful video calling app to an absolute household name. Over the last few weeks, user number has increased drastically, as COVID-19 has constricted people […]

How To Make Money on Pinterest?

Do you know how to make money on Pinterest? Do you know you can make hefty cash on Pinterest? You’re already searching for how to make money on Pinterest or ways to monetize with Pinterest, weren’t you? Either way, we don’t blame you for being skeptical! With more than 250 […]

The Best Smart Speakers Of 2020


Smart speakers are super-trendy and amongst the versatile gadgets right now for this, we have brought you the best smart speakers of 2020. They can play music, set up our smart home devices and virtual assistant. These voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, have quickly become very popular […]

Top 15 Most Used Android Apps In USA


Take a look at the top 15 most used Android Apps In the USA. You’ll find hundreds of apps in all! However, to save your time, we have gathered the most used android apps in USA There is no denying that smartphones are just amazing. It’s beyond the limit to […]

What is Digital Twin Technology?


As the manufacturing industry is becoming digital, digital twin technology is now accessible. Thus by giving companies a complete digital impression of products, it allows them to identify physical error quicker and develop better products. With this type of advance design, companies benefit repetitively and grow faster than ever before. […]

Best Home Security Devices for 2020

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Home Security is very important and here we share some best home security devices for 2020. We have been hearing the news of break-ins and home burglaries. It’s upsetting and, in some cases, completely unavoidable. However, it seems like our home security system is changing. Now we can hook up […]

5G – Multipurpose Mobile Network


There has been a lot of hype and curiosity in market regarding 5G technology and how it will affect the way we communicate. In simple terms, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology. This technology will be capable of providing a much higher speed and reliability in communication on […]

What Is Artificial Intelligence And Why It Is Used?

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AI [ Artificial Intelligence] is one of the drastic attainment in information technology. It can, simply, be defined as an intelligence shown by machines, contrary to the natural intellect displayed by humans. Artificial Intelligence has the high prospect of changing the method in which humans interact, not only with the […]

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