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Cyber Security Threats in 2020

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Security Threats

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Cyber security threat is referred to when there is certain damage or an attack on computer data; via computer viruses, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. These kinds of damages attempt to rob any distinctive data by changing, hacking or even prone to destroy computer systems. Although this may seem like a virtual problem, in some cases, these threats have led to serious attacks to harm many personal lives as well.

What causes cyber attacks?

Many cases create a threat on a cyber network, some of which are often caused by a lack of protecting computer systems. Other causes often include the use of social media, insecure passwords and unprotected wireless networks/ Wi-Fi.

The problem with social media today is most of the public personal identities are often stolen by criminals. However, not only a publicized social media account but an insecure password can also lead to cybercrime. On the other hand, most people who tend to work from home have unsecured Wi-Fi which causes problems to log in if it is hacked or changed by other personnel.

Due to such causes, the threat is real and has a high chance of growing risk in most computer systems.

Some of the types of Cyber Security Threats in 2020

  1. Phishing
  2. Malware
  3. Ransomware
  4. Denial of Service (DoS)
  5. IoT attacks

Sources of Threat

Each attack comes from different sources. These sources could either from a place, personnel or any context.

  1. Any Nation or State
  2. Terrorists
  3. Hackers
  4. Spies on Industries and Business
  5. Criminals

To date, there have been found numerous threats from spy nations. For instance, North Korea attempts to have a high amount of cyber threats towards the U.S. or South Korea. The reason for that was to bully and show power against those nations. Although having high security in the network and cyber, the threats were of no use.

How to get rid of cyber attacks?

Despite having numerous drawbacks, there are also possibilities for proper cyber protections. Some of the preventions for such individuals are;

  1. Anti Virus Softwares: Software such as Avast! And ESET is quite popular to get rid of cyberattacks. As a computer system runs, it scans through each detail from a shared file or data.
  2. Strong Password: Passwords can be tough to make and harder to memorize, but it comes with a price. If a password is strong and protective, it can protect from attacks such as phishing or even from hackers.
  3. Aware of such attacks: A person should be aware of what type of file is needed to be open online. Any files or attachments downloaded from online may create some problems towards the computer system and makes the whole process slower than it used to be.
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